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Revolutionize Your Auditing Experience with AuditSME, streamline your compliance process and gain unparalleled insights with our advanced audit solutions.

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About Us

AuditSME stands at the forefront of audit technology innovation, serving over 200 clients across Klang Valley, Penang, Johor Bahru, Sabah, and Sarawak. 

Recognizing the complexities in the audit field, our dedicated team has relentlessly worked to simplify compliance and streamline audit processes.

Our solutions, including a sophisticated report generator, efficient working paper management, and the latest ISQM module, are designed to empower public practitioners with ease and precision. 

With AuditSME, you gain more than a tool. You gain a partner committed to enhancing your audit experience in today’s digital-first business landscape.

Product Features

We offer the following efficiency tools designed to optimize your audit workflow:

Risk-based auditing

Incorporate advanced risk assessment tools to evaluate entity risks and precisely calculate performance materiality, enhancing audit accuracy.

Working Paper Tools

Our comprehensive suite includes specialized working papers for PPE, loan computations, and a sampling module with MUS selection, streamlining your audit process.

Report Automation

Automate your financial statement generation with complete working papers and an error panel for identifying any misstatements efficiently.

ISQM module

Customize your firm’s ISQM manual with AuditSME, generating relevant appendices for each addressed risk, ensuring compliance and quality.

MBRS conversion

Efficiently transform report elements into MBRS fields with our automated conversion tool, saving significant time and effort.


Built-in work in progress, time cost tracking and due date management software which is specifically designed for accountants


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Discover the simplicity and power of AuditSME through our quick video tour, showcasing how our software streamlines your auditing process.

Our Pricing

Package Description Price

100 Clients

RM 15,000

200 Clients

RM 24,000

300 Clients

RM 30,000

500 Clients

RM 42,000

700 Clients

RM 53,000

1000 Clients

RM 67,000

30% Maintenance Fee Per Annum

Unlimited Users

30% Maintenance Fee Per Annum

Free One Year Support

Need More Clients?

Please contact us to discuss these options and find the perfect fit for your larger client base.

Our Customers

Read what our satisfied clients have to say about how AuditSME has revolutionized their audit experiences

AuditSME has transformed our audit workflow. The risk-based auditing tool is a game-changer, offering deep insights into entity risks and aiding in precise materiality calculations. It’s made our audits more efficient and reliable.

Mr Goh, YYC & Co.

The report automation feature in AuditSME is phenomenal. After completing the working papers, generating financial statements has become a breeze, and the error panel is exceptional for ensuring accuracy. It’s saved us countless hours.

Jane Ong, EK Lim & Associates

Adopting AuditSME’s paperless system has been a major leap forward for our firm. The online review points and electronic file management have not only reduced our paper usage significantly but also enhanced our team’s efficiency.

Wong Fok Heng, OK Wong & Co.
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