Timesheet User Guide

This section provides guides and important notes to those who adopt the AuditSME Timesheet Package.

For first time user, you are required to go through every steps of the guide. Once you are fully adopted it, you are only required to repeat the procedure from Step 4 to Step 7 when there is a new job coming in.

Please noted that you have to update the following information after a certain period:

  1. Holiday and OT rate annually, which located at Settings> Holiday & Overtime Rate
  2. Update time cost information when you increased your employee's salary, which located at Users>Time Cost Settings
  3. Customers> Manage Customers when you have new customers
  4. Users> User Management to create user id for new employees

You may download PDF version of timesheet guide with the link provided below.

Version for managing personnel    
Version for junior/senior staff


Step 1 : Login and System Configuration

Step 2 : Setup Group Profile, Users, and Time Cost

Step 3 : Enter Customer Information

Step 4 : Create Job, Allocate Job and Planning

Step 5 : Timesheet, Job Progress and Related Customization

Step 6 : Monitor Dashboard and Generate Report

Step 7 : Close Job Upon Completion