Support and maintenance

Software is built around technology and also legislative requirements. As these requirements change over time, we as a supplier of the software need to make continuous investments to ensure that the products are up-to-date. This maintenance amount is invested to ensure that there is continuous improvements to the product, thus pro-longing the useful life of your initial investment and to also adhere to local legislative requirements and technology upgrades.

The first year of the maintenance is provided complimentary by auditSME. Therefore, in the 1st 12 months from your purchase, you will continuously receive necessary updates to your product that will either fix issues and/or improve current features. There will also be new features that will be provided from 2 perspectives, new features that will enhance your use of the product or changes in applicable accounting standards or legislation that are mandatory to be applied.

We would prefer to provide the option to the customer. AuditSME contributes by providing the 1st year maintenance complimentary with any new purchase or upgrade, and that takes a business 12 months further. After that we would like to provide the option to the customer to choose if they would like to continue the auditSME Cover.

The software will definitely continue working. The only downside is that it will not receive anymore updates. This may not be a major issue if there are no changes required, however with the continuous changes in IFRS and certain legislations there will be expected changes annually and such changes will require updates to be compliant.

Based on our knowledge, most other international products do, as they understand the need for investment and a long-term assurance for the customer. As for other vendors, whether local or international that do not charge a maintenance thence it is likely a business model decision either short-term or long-term made by them. Whilst it is still relatively new to have a maintenance model in Malaysia, it is proven everywhere else in the world.

What happens then to investments if there is no maintenance, what would be the viability of that product or vendor then?

Would you believe in a car that does not require maintenance?

Would you believe in a condominium or apartment that does not require maintenance?

What would be the outcome of the car and the apartment over-time? We leave that up to your imagination. We are all in the area of business and we are assured that our users are smart consumers to evaluate themselves the viability and necessity of maintenance or just taken for a ride.