Audit Software User Guide

This section provides guides and important notes to those who adopt the audit package for the first time. Please pay attention to instructions for newly incorporated company and the company with comparative year ( with last year's audited accounts).

PDF version of first time user guide

You are strongly recommended to use our sample Trial Balance to generate your first financial statements with AuditSME.

Download link:
Sample PPE listing 2016
Sample Investment Properties Listing 2016
Sample Trial Balance (comparative year)
Sample Trial Balance (current year)

Part 1 : Company Database And Setting

  • Company database and setting


Part 2 : Statutory Record And Appointment


Part 3 : Issue, Transfer And Authorized Share


Part 4 : Import Trial Balance And Grouping


Part 5 : Account Default, Materiality And Rounding


Part 6 : Monthly And Expenses Analysis


Part 7 : Property, Plant And Equipment


Part 8 : Hire Purchase (Loan Plug-in)


Part 9 : Term Loan (Loan Plug-in)


Part 10 : Equity And Cash Flow Statement


Part 11 : Audit Letter And Review Point


Part 12 : Director And Auditor Report


Part 13 : Import and Amend Note To Financial Statement


Part 14 : Note - Transition To Mpers And Its Impact To Asset Plug-In


Part 15 : Note - Accounting Policies, Judgement And Estimate


Part 16 : Note - Property Plant Equipment, Investment Properties


Part 17 : Note - Borrowing (Term Loan And Hire Purchase)


Part 18 : Note - Other Notes


Part 19 : Note - Financial Instrument


Part 20 : Formatting Page Break


Part 21 : Print Table Of Content, Management Account & Report