Report Automation

Fast, accurate and automatic report generating process for audited financial statements.

Director Report

Auto generating ready-to-use Directors' Report with use of special built-in secretary's tools to create statutory records. No manual formatting and editing is required.

MPERS and MFRS-compliant statement

Auto generating MPERS and MFRS-compliant statement of financial position, statement of profit or loss and other comprehensive income, statement of changes in equity upon completing source data.

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Auto generating Cash flow Statement

Cash flow statement can be prepared under direct or indirect method.

The system can auto generate data to cash flow statements under both methods with various built-in tools and plug-in.

Auto generating process provides a good starting points for auditors to work on cash flow statement, which can significantly improve productivity and efficiency of job assignment, especially for inexperienced staffs.

In addition, 2 built-in cash flow tools are provided by system to quick detect, easily and conveniently modify any wrong-doings in cash flow transaction generated by auto process.

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Auto Generate Note to Financial Statements

Auto generating note to financial statements with use of various built-in tools and asset, FD and loan plug-in

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Cross-checking function

Built-in cross-checking mechanism to enhance accuracy by tracing balance sheet and income statement to note to financial statements or vice versa.

Financial period detection

Auto change in presentation and layout for audited financial statements where accounting period either in current or comparative year is not exactly 12 months. No manual formatting and editing is required.