File Storage Manager

The file manager allows auditors to organize audit documents and files in schedule-based folders in systematic manner. Users can even scan files and make them digital and store in the system. Further, the schedule-indexed folders allow auditors to easily search for files or browse and view them quickly.

For example, if you are working on cash and bank balances (audit index: A), you can store all files relating to cash and bank balances in lead schedule folder:

1) Select cash and bank audit programme (Microsoft word file) from master template: audit programme and drop to folder A, then open the file, modify and save it back directly.

2) Select schedule of bank reconciliation (Microsoft excel file) from master template: supporting audit schedules and drop to folder A, then open the file, modify and save it back directly.

3) Scan bank statements in pdf or jpeg file format and drap and drop into folder A.

4) Create any sub-folder i.e. A-10, if neccessary and upload relevant files to this folder.

The key features of file storage manager

All of main lead schedule folders for current and comparative years are automatically created and displayed in file manager. In addition, users who are working on a particular lead schedule will enable file manager to auto open that particular folder so that they can conveniently upload, open, view and edit the files.

Upload all type of audit documents and files with Drag & Drop function, which allows files to be easily copied to auto-created schedules folder in the system. In addition, file manager allow users to browse,edit, copy, move, delete, search, create new files and directories.

AuditSME allows Microsoft Office files (Word and Excel) to be created directly from file manager (subjected to browser limitation and availability of desktop application) for online editing and viewing.

Those files can then be PDF file directly from file manager. A new worksheet and audit index are created and attached with those PDF files during conversation process.

Master template select box (drop-down list in repesct of audit programme, audit supportng schedules and standard correspondences) of file manager can be selected, copied or dropped to auto-created schedule folders. The auditor can update system master template files with his own master templates and ensure consistency of firm standards being adhered by audit staffs.

Allows auditors to use desktop Microsoft Office or OpenOffice applications for online editing. Files can be opened, edited and saved directly. User does not need to download documents and upload them back to the server after editing.